The extended five minute trailer for Aquaman is truly awesome

Every week we are inundated with rapidly edited trailers that whisk us through colourful effects-rendered universes with barely any time to catch our breath, or appreciate the visuals.

The new, epic, five minute extended trailer for Aquaman – which premiered this week (check it out below) – is something different.

The five minute running time not only makes it much longer than most trailers, but also allows us to get a pretty detailed peek at how the world of the film looks and feels.

The trailer is very cinematic, beginning with a shot of a snow globe that morphs into a full image of the hero’s parents and his home as a child.

We hear a voice-over from Aquaman (Jason Momoa) tell us: “I was a son of the land, and a son of the seas.”

The trailer slows down a little, showing Aquaman visiting a tomb in the Sahara. Then it opens up a treasure chest of gorgeous looking sets, including an awesome underwater city in “the hidden seas.”

There are too many gorgeous shots and images to name. One impressive moment shows an Assassin Creed style chase across rooftops in a Middle Eastern country.

Are we excited? You bet.

Shot in Australia, the film has an excellent Australian contingent including Nicole Kidman (as Queen Atlanta) and director James Wan (whose films include Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring and Fast & Furious 7).

Aquaman will arrive in cinemas on December 26. We’re hoping more movies in the future will have trailers this length, because we like what we see.