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A massive catalogue including Warner, DC and HBO content. Plans start at $10 /month (with a 7-day free trial). MORE

What devices can I use to watch Binge?
Devices: Apple TV, Chromecast, Telstra TV, Android TV
Smart TV: LG (models from 2018 onwards)
Consoles: PlayStation 4 and Plaststion 5
Mobile/Tablets: iPhone, iPad, Android
PCs & Laptops: Any internet browser
Full support & device details.

How much does Binge cost?
Binge has three monthly pricing plans. There are no fixed terms. You can change plan whenever you like.
* Basic - this is $10 a month. This gives you 1 simultaneous stream, and is SD only.
* Standard - this is $18 a month. This includes HD, and allows 2 simultaneous streamers.
* Then there’s the Premium plan - this is $22 a month. It includes HD, and allows 4 simultaneous streamers.

Does Binge offer a free trial?
Yes, Binge has a 7-day free trial for all three subscription tiers.

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