Best new movies and TV series on BINGE: June 2024

Each month, new films and TV shows are added to BINGE’s library. Eliza Janssen presents her picks for titles worth watching. For the full list of everything arriving on the platform, scroll down.

Top Picks: TV

Ren Faire (June 3)

Hear ye, hear ye! If you liked Tiger King but wished it had a touch more Uncut Gems chaos, first of all: what’s wrong with you? And secondly: boy do we have the comedic docuseries for you. Set at a Texas renaissance faire run by a tyrant king, this beautifully constructed and characterised show exposes a hierarchy of strange, sad people, all of whom would rather dwell in a micromanaged fantasy world than the drudgery of real life. Told in three episodes, it’s a hilarious portrait of an empire on the brink—and King George is an unforgettable, stranger-than-fiction lead character, desperate to find a sugar baby with real breasts to be his queen.

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Fantasmas (June 8)

Oh to live inside the brain of comic Julio Torres. A former SNL writer, the twee comedian crafts stories and bizarre worlds full of trinkets and awkward social encounters, which should provide perfect fodder for this; his first, surreal series. It’s kickstarted by the loss of a treasured golden oyster, spinning off into funny and unusual sidequests and non-seqiturs. Emma Stone has been on an absolute tear lately with the projects she produces, and her stamp on this new show only adds to my curiosity and excitement.

House of the Dragon: Season 2 (June 17)

When a Targaryen’s born, we’ve been told, the Gods flip a coin; will this GoT prequel’s white-haired weirdos go full Daenerys and raze cities, or could they end up being noble and suitable leaders? The first season felt like a long, scene-setting prologue in some ways, so now that former besties Alicent (Olivia Cooke) and Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) are fully at each other’s throats, the drama should kick off in full force.

Top Picks: Movies

Am I OK? (June 6)

Lesbian power couple Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allyne make their dual directorial debuts with this Sundance-selected comedy. The poster has star Dakota Johnson weeping her pretty guts out, a big turn from her hilariously deadpan work in superhero flop Madame Web. Sonoya Mizuno and Johnson play besties making individual big moves: Mizuno’s moving to London, and Johnson figures out the shocking reason none of her dates with men have been working out. Les be honest…the coming-of-age twist here doesn’t take much work to figure out.

Anyone But You (June 21)

This recent rom-com ain’t winning any awards for originality, with its premise of two insanely hot people in an enemies-to-lovers arc when they’re forced to act like a happy couple at a mutual mate’s wedding. But! It’s from director Will Gluck, who always manages some charm in films like Easy A, and stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have the ineffable x-factor required for real screen chemistry. Our review from Katie Parker highlighted “a charming cast, brief runtime and the kind of antipodean in-jokes that we Southern Hemisphere hermits crave”—the whole deal being set and shot in Sydney.

Saw X (June 28)

Despite carking it in the Saw franchise’s third entry, resourceful Jigsaw killer John Kramer can never truly die. In fact, he’s more lively—and weirdly loveable!—than ever in the saga’s tenth entry, even getting somewhat of a redemptive good-guy arc. The well-received sequel pits the glowering cancer victim against some medical fraudsters, adding a sense of moral justification to the skin-searing, leg-garroting, blood-bathing traps he devises here. Fans will be stoked, too, that fave apprentice Amanda Young makes her return; the perfect, unhinged right-hand-woman to Jigsaw’s astoundingly petty machinations.

All titles arriving on BINGE in June

June 1

The Book Of Eli
The Craft
Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
Aeon Flux
I’ll See You In My Dreams
Dracula (1979)

June 2

Animal Crackers
Claire Darling
Take Me Home Tonight
Vanity Fair (2004)

June 3

Ren Faire: Season 1
Are You Being Served?: Seasons 1-10
Fractures: Season 1
Murder In Sweden: Season 2
Monk: Seasons 5 – 6
Manipulations: Season 1
World’s Most Dangerous Road: Season 5
Windsor Castle Fire: 30 Years On
The War Is Over: Season 1

June 4

Below Deck Mediterranean: Season 9 Premiere
Justine Schofield Gourmet France: Season 1
James Martin’s Spanish Adventure: Season 1
Heathrow: Season 16
Secrets Of The Queen’s Coronation
Emergency: Season 1
The Replacement Killers

June 5

Charles & The Women Who Could Have Been Queen
St Trinian’s

June 6

Dynasties II, Season 1
Dynasties II: The Making Of: Season 1
Murdered: The Baby On The Beach: Season 1
The Playboy Murders: Season 2
Am I Ok?
The Nun II
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

June 7

Ridiculousness: Seasons 30-32
The First 48: Season 23
Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day: Season 3

June 8

Fantasmas: Season 1 Premiere

June 10

Fergie And Meghan: Inconvenient Royals
Honey Boy
Dumb Money

June 11

All American: Homecoming: Season 3 Premiere
Murder My Sweetheart: The Killing Of Dolores McCrea: Season 1
Million Pound, Season 4
Midweek Tackle
The Back Page
Cold Case Forensics: Season 1
Swamp People: Serpent Invasion: Season 4

June 12

Raised On Dance Moms: Season 1
Getting Away With Murder: The Killing Of Mar Gough: Season 1

June 13

Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD?
Hannah Einbinder Comedy Show
Blue Beetle

June 14

Roux Down The River: The Thames: Season 1
The Snow Queen’s Revenge

June 17

House Of The Dragon: Season 2 Premiere
FGirl Island: Season 1
Junior Bake Off: Season 9 Premiere

June 18

Real Housewives Of Cheshire: Season 17 Premiere

June 19


June 20

The Great Pottery Throw Down: Season 7 Premiere

June 21

Nick Knowles Heritage Rescue: Season 2
Anyone But You

June 22

Life (1999)

June 25

The Heroic Quest Of The Valiant Prince Ivandoe: Season 5

June 26

Mountain Men: Alaska: Season 1
One South: Portrait Of A Psych: Season 1
Fred And Rose West’s Secret Murders: Season 1

June 27

Becoming Ian Brady: Season 1

June 28

Buddy Valastro’s Cake Dynasty: Season 1
Hospital: Season 7
Police Strike Force: Season 1
Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters: Season 2
Emergency: Season 2
Saw X

June 29

The Tasting

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