The Take: The Mandalorian – don’t throw baby Yoda out with the bath water!

It’s the fourth episode of The Take: The Mandalorian, our podcast after-show diving into the hotly anticipated live-action Star Wars series, exclusive to Disney+. Not even Baby Yoda can salvage this “macklunkey” episode.

Warning!!! This show contains SPOILERS!!!

Co-pilots Blake Howard and Lindsey Romain discuss the decline in quality of The Mandalorian Chapter 4 – “Sanctuary.” They come to terms with the fact that this episode epitomises the potential pitfalls of the entire series, while also discussing dog-faced Klatooinians, red-eyed ATST’s, Shock Troopers, Gina Carano and Loth-Cats.

As always – Blake and Lindsey also announce,  “Cantina alien of the week,” “Surprise of the week” and the “episode MVP.”

This podcast stars…

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)
Lindsey Romain (follow Lindsey on Twitter)

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