The Take: The Mandalorian – the final word on Baby Yoda and The Last Jedi

It’s the eighth and final episode of The Take: The Mandalorian, our podcast after-show diving into the first live-action Star Wars series. Co-pilots Blake Howard and Lindsey Romain unpack the epic season finale episode “Redemption” before film critic Brendan Hodges joins Blake to go deep on all things The Last Jedi.

Warning!!! This show contains SPOILERS!!!

Part one: Co-pilots Blake Howard and Lindsey Romain dissect The Mandalorian Chapter 8 – Redemption, discussing the nightmare-inducing “swoll” R2 droid, IG-11’s humanity, the Baby Yoda phenomenon and more. They also award “Cantina alien of the season,” “Surprise of the episode and season” and the “season and episode MVP.”

Part two (48:39): Blake and Brendan Hodges discuss everything about The Last Jedi from valid criticisms to high praise.

Part three (2:01:53): Blake and Lindsey bid The Mandalorian farewell.

This podcast stars

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)
Lindsey Romain (follow Lindsey on Twitter)
Brendan Hodges (follow Brendan on Twitter)

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