Announced: Australian release for Justice League Snyder Cut

Update: an Australian release for Justice League: The Zack Snyder Cut has been confirmed! We were right in our guess that it would probably land on BINGE.

The streaming platform has confirmed that the film will be added to its library on March 18 at 6pm AEDT—the same time as the global premiere. The company has described this as a “massive win for Aussie fans”.

Foxtel subscribers will also be able to find it on Foxtel’s dedicated DC movies pop-up channel.

Even the world’s greatest heroes need a second chance, sometimes. Think of the rousing third-act moment in any superhero film when, beaten and bloodied, our protagonist finally remembers that pivotal weapon or tactic or piece of advice they were given at the start of the movie, and uses it to take down the baddie.

In the case of Justice League, it seems the entire film may be getting its own second shot at greatness, thanks to the much-hyped SnyderCut. But where can Aussie DC fans get in on the action?

Well, like many other Warner Bros. and DC titles, it seems most likely that the SnyderCut will premiere on both Foxtel and BINGE, alongside flicks from the same world like Wonder Woman 1984 and Aquaman. But that is just our guess and no official announcement has been made. Watch this space.

For those not in the know, this is original director Zack Snyder’s revamped cut of the critically-maligned Justice League, a recut which will debut on HBO Max in the US on March 18.

Our own reviewer Aaron Yap called the original release “a colossal, garish shambles that offers minor relief by being a smidgen less painful than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice“. Yikes. So hopefully a recut version of the film that’s more true to the first director’s initial plans has nowhere to go but up.

Check out the highly portentous, Leonard Cohen-soundtracked trailer below, which should give you an idea of Snyder’s operatic re-envisioning of his own material. It might just be the epic heartstring-tug you need.