What’s the best action movie franchise today? Listen to The Take

Is James Bond better than Fast and the Furious? How does one explain the monolithic Rambo franchise? And what exactly constitutes an “action” movie anyway?

We’re talkin’ all things action-related on this week’s episode of our podcast The Take, hosted by the fabulous Blake Howard.

What’s the best action movie franchise today?

ACT ONE: Blake is joined by Flicks contributor Travis Johnson and the movie news trailblazer behind DarkHorizons, Garth Franklin, to define what makes a great action movie.

ACT TWO: Blake, Travis and Garth then step up to make their case for the contenders for best action movie franchise.

ACT THREE: Finally Blake, Travis and Garth talk about the fascinating political trajectory of the Rambo series and the legendary Sylvester Stallone.

This podcast stars…

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)

Garth Franklin (follow Garth on Twitter)

Travis Johnson (follow Travis on Twitter)

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Rambo: Last Blood
The Raid
John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum
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Mad Max: Fury Road


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