How to watch Eric in Australia

Well, here’s an odd one: an ’80s-set puppet-centric mystery/psychological thriller starring Doctor Strange. You don’t see one of those come along too often, no sir.

How to watch Eric in Australia

All six episodes of Eric are streaming in Australia exclusively on Netflix from May 30.

What is Eric about?

Coming across like a depressed Jim Henson, our man Benedict Cumberbatch is Vincent, a world-class puppeteer with a beloved children’s television show who is, alas, somewhat neglectful towards his own wife and child. He gets a bit of a wake up call when his son, Edgar, goes missing. Shattered, Vincent teams up with his signature puppet, the titular and seven-foot-tall Eric, to find his missing offspring.

Now, whether Vincent is cracking up or there is, in the world of the film, a secret underground culture of sapient puppets is up for debate at this juncture. Looking at the trailer below, it seems like an even bet. Heck, it’s probably some kind of metaphysical mess where both interpretations are equally true.

The cast of Eric

Benedict Cumberbatch is Vincent; Ivan Morris Howe is his son, Edgar; Gaby Hoffmann is Cassie, Edgar’s mother; McKinley Belcher III is Detective Michael Ledroit, the cop investigating; Dan Fogler is Eddie, Vincent’s bestie and fellow puppeteer; and Jeff Hephner, Wade Allain-Marcus, Mark Gillis, Clarke Peters, Phoebe Nicholls, David Denman and Bamar Kane round out the ensemble.

This one comes to us from Welsh screenwriter and show runner Abi Morgan, who also penned Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady and social history drama Suffragette.

Eric trailer

Why we’re excited about Eric

These kind of whimsically dark puppet dramedies can go either way. The Beaver? Not bad! The Happytime Murders? Absolutely dreadful! Avenue Q? Brilliant! Weird Jim Carrey vehicle Kidding? Really should get around to watching the rest of that! Meet the Feebles? Your mileage may vary! A lot! But we will say that we’re intrigued – something this wilfully odd deserves at least a look-in.