Trailer and release date for the rebellious teen drama Moxie

“When I was 16, all I cared about was smashing the patriarchy and burning it all down”, Amy Poehler confesses over the opening snare hits of Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl. As Vivian’s mom in the upcoming Netflix movie Moxie, one thing’s for sure: Poehler is out here to reinvigorate the 90s ‘riot grrl’ revolution.

The SNL alum and frequent Golden Globes host not only stars in, but also directs this sassy teen drama, which lands on Netflix on March 3.

Based on the YA novel by Jennifer Mathieu, Moxie stars Hadley Robinson as Vivian, a shy 16-year-old who has had enough of her school’s blokey sexism, as well as the teachers that turn a blind eye. Things go from bad to worse when Vivian notices that a headstrong new student (Alycia Pascual-Peña) is suffering too. What’s an angry young teen girl to do?

Turn to the past, of course, which is exactly what empowers Vivian when she discovers her mum’s feminist underground zines and protest movement. She kicks off her own angsty publication entitled ‘Moxie’, and it quickly shakes things up at school…for better or worse…

Moxie looks like a fist-pumping good time for any young lady, and maybe any sympathetic boomer parents hanging around, too. Will it mean that high school girls can finally wear tank tops without facing persecution?? March 3, baby. Wait and see.