Tom Hanks writes and stars in Greyhound, 2020’s ultimate dad movie

Your dad loved 1917. Your dad loved Dunkirk. And if you took your dad to see A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, your dad probably reluctantly loved that too.

He maybe even had a heart-to-heart with you on the way home about how he could’ve been there for you more in your formative years, and how our relationships with the parent of the same gender as us can be the most instructional and thus destructive bonds in a human being’s developments. Right, dad? That’s what you took from that movie, right??!

Now combine those perfectly dadly elements together and see what happens. War movies based on a true story + Tom Hanks = the epitome of Dad Kino. It all adds up! And what is equals is the first trailer and poster for Greyhound, a new war/action film written by the man himself and directed by Aaron Schneider.

Based on the non-fiction book The Good Shepherd, Greyhound concerns a US Navy-class destroyer tasked with moving a convoy across the Atlantic ocean while under hot pursuit from Nazi U-Boats. Hanks plays a fictionalised captain character – the one guy who has to hold it all together to get his men to safety.

As the below poster ominously points out, “the only thing more dangerous than the front lines was the fight to get there.”

Whether or not this kind of valorous, true history dramatisation of World War II skirmishes is your thing, we can all agree that Greyhound would make the perfect film to see with your dad. I’m sure even the most emotionally stunted Hank Hill type will find a moment or two in the film that warrants some patriotic tears of pride.