When 400,000 men couldn't get home, home came for them.

Christopher Nolan's Oscar-winning World War II thriller, with Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies). Nominated for eight Academy Awards and winner of film editing, sound editing and sound mixing.... More

Chronicles the plight of Allied forces, driven to the edge of Europe - the seaside town of Dunkirk - by the German army. Hundreds of thousands of English troops are trapped on the beach, desperate for evacuation as the enemy pushes towards them. Picked off by terrifying Stuka dive bombers, their escape craft attacked by U-boats, it'll take the courage of Spitfire pilots and civilian sailors to get more than a handful of survivors home.Hide

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Christopher Nolan just can’t help himself. Even when stripping every ounce of fat off a lean, light-in-character-development retelling of WWII’s mass evacuation at Dunkirk (ok, one that was clearly also phenomenally expensive), Nolan weaves in an Inception-like multi-linear narrative that jumps around in time to focus on various characters. But like damn near every decision Nolan makes here, it proves unerring, allowing equal focus to be shared between three small groups: young infantrymen trying to survive one week on the Continental coastline; civilian sailors one day as they cross the English Channel to aid in the rescue of their countrymen; and Spitfire pilots a single hour in the air above their amassed, under siege forces.... More

From the get-go Dunkirk is a relentlessly tense affair, Nolan eschewing preamble, scene-setting, unneeded backstories, and devices like letters from home, family breakfasts, or mess-room interactions that are typically used to generate investment in characters. Instead, we’re dropped right into the action, tension, panic, and dread of the plight of hundreds of thousands of troops. Not that we ever see them fully amassed - Nolan sparing us from the now overly-familiar CGI camera flypasts that usually offer a God’s-eye view of proceedings, allowing the viewer to get glimpses of the scale of the scenario from the perspective of the characters caught up in it.

As the film veers between potential threats to sudden, elaborately-staged danger, the IMAX screen induces occasional, deserved, sea-sickness and also allows for maximum eye-popping in aerial dogfight sequences. Dunkirk’s cast superbly function as moving parts within the tightly-wound mechanism of the film, and you’ll leave thrilled and shaken by the scale of the real-life endeavour as well as Nolan’s cinematic version.Hide

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BY PercyM superstar

Entertaining, thrilling and emotionally powerful; it's a war & suspense masterpiece.

Very enjoyable and compelling. Once you have seen this go and watch Their Finest as well.

BY DanielK superstar

'Dunkirk' is not just a fleet, white knuckle survival thriller, a rousing portrayal of both small- and large-scale heroism, or a seemingly effortless exercise in gargantuan visual storytelling occasionally reminiscent of the silent epics of the late twenties; it's also a heartfelt call for compassion in the face of intense provocation, a plea for European solidarity in the face of seemingly unendurable pressure, and a reminder of a time when the concept of a united globe and its unlimited... More potential was cause for optimism and hope.

It also has Tom Hardy as the coolest hero likely to hit movie screens in 2017. He’s enough to make me pine for 'Dunkirk 2' all by himself.Hide

BY filmlover superstar

It may not be entirely historically accurate or particularly sensitive to the French but this still ranks as one of the most stirring war films I have seen, and I've see many. The combination of sharp cinematography and editing, minimal dialogue and a soundtrack which gives equal voice to every ship and aircraft makes for a thundering
portrait of this terrible slice of history. The actors seem almost unimportant but Harry Styles does an okay job and Tom Hardy is good as always. This flick is... More intense so be prepared.Hide

BY TUBBS superstar

The screenplay mainly follows three story lines - an RAF pilot, a small boat on a rescue mission to Dunkirk and the attempts at escaping Dunkirk by a rag tag group of soldiers - rather than concentrating on the battle's big picture. A history lesson this is not - it barely mentions the brave rearguard action to protect the perimeter by the French and British soldiers which enabled so many to escape - or why the Germans were so ineffective in the battle. It can't resist putting cheap sermonising... More comments in the script and the arrival of the small boats in Dunkirk is handled in such a way that it makes you cringe. The smart editing is confusing at times when switching between the three story lines including between night and day and back again. The plus is the aerial action - it is stunning and is the climax of the special effects and photography teams which are commendable throughout.Hide

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  • This is a film without heroes or a straightforward story. The action is the attraction. If that means some of the film feels a little distant and chilly, it's in the admirable service of avoiding simplistic drama. Full Review

  • Effectively one enormous, stunningly rendered and thunderously intense set-piece stretched to feature-length, Dunkirk thrusts you into a pressure cooker and slams the lid on. Full Review

  • Haunting, thrilling and emotional, Dunkirk is a prestige pic with guts and glory that demands multiple views. Full Review

  • [Nolan has] found a way to harness that technique in service of a kind of heightened reality, one that feels more immersive and immediate than whatever concerns we check at the door when entering the cinema. Full Review

  • Britain's great pyrrhic defeat or inverse victory of 1940 has been brought to the screen as a terrifying, shattering spectacle by Christopher Nolan. Full Review

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