This week on The Take: the quality versus controversy of Joker

Todd Phillips’ supervillain origins story Joker is causing crazy amounts of division between critics and commentators.

It would be remiss of us not to debate it on The Take – and not to have very different opinions from guest to guest. Listen to Blake Howard and co debate the year’s most controversial movie.

Does Joker have the quality to match its controversy?

ACT ONE: Blake is joined by Flicks critic and The Take’s co-producer Luke Buckmaster, and freelance film critic Laurence Barber to discuss the quality vs controversy surrounding Joker.

ACT TWO: Blake is joined by author, screenwriter and journalist Maria Lewis, to discuss the powerhouse Birds of Prey trailer.

ACT THREE: Finally, Blake is joined by Rickets the Clown a.k.a Andrew Irwin Flynn* to discuss that the Joker is another damaging portrayal of a clown (along with Pennywise) in 2019.

This podcast stars…

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)

Laurence Barber (follow Laurence on Twitter)

Luke Buckmaster (follow Luke on Twitter)

Maria Lewis (follow Maria on Twitter)

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