Accio TV remote! Every Harry Potter film has landed on BINGE

One remarkable thing about the Harry Potter franchise of beloved books and blockbuster movies is that, from a young viewer’s perspective, the story seems to mature along with its audience.

Harry begins as a bewildered 11-year-old, gradually learning more about power and grief and even romance, and ends the series as a fully developed adult wizard cop.

Now, prepare to relive that magical adolescence in one heady, 20 hour long hit with BINGE. The streaming platform is now the home of every single film in the Harry Potter series.

You’ll want to heat up some butterbeer and crack open a packet of Bertie Botts’ Every-Flavour Beans, because if you’re a BINGE subscriber you’ll have seven full-length films to revisit.

BINGE has been steadily racking up the streaming rights to tonnes of big TV and film series of the last 20 years, and this beloved series of films, adored by Muggle children and grown-ups alike, is certain to glue subscribers to their screens for days. If you need a particular hit of nostalgia, check out the very first trailer for the very first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone below.

In fact, to watch all eight movies, it’d take around 20 hours; around 1,178 minutes in total, not including the necessary bathroom breaks and popcorn refills. Double double, toil and trouble indeed.