The Take podcast: geezer gangsters and 1917 versus Dunkirk

After a brief festive season siesta our podcast The Take is BACK! Blake Howard returns to the hosting chair in our first episode for 2020, which features a discussion about geezer gangsters then a fierce, bloodthirsty debate about whether 1917 is a better film than Dunkirk.

Episode breakdown

First up host Blake Howard joins author, screenwriter and journalist Maria Lewis to discuss Guy Ritchie’s return to the geezer gangster genre with The Gentlemen.  

In the second segment (13:30) Blake adjudicates over our brand spankin’ new ‘Duel of Takes’ segment. This is a kangaroo court where Blake is judge/vengeful dictator, and two parties have five minutes to prosecute their case. In this episode Flicks contributor Travis Johnson argues that 1917 is a better film than Dunkirk. Chicago-based film critic Brendan Hodges fights back, arguing the opposite.

This podcast stars

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)
Maria Lewis (follow Maria on Twitter)
Brendan Hodges (follow Brendan on Twitter)
Travis Johnson (follow Travis on Twitter)

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