The Take podcast: Birds of Prey, Oscar predictions and the great Leigh Whannell

This week’s episode of our podcast The Take – hosted by, as always, the inimitable Blake Howard – is all about Birds of Prey, the Oscars and Leigh Whannell’s thriller The Invisible Man.

Episode breakdown

First up host Blake Howard joins L.A film critic Katie Walsh to discuss the female superhero team-up Birds of Prey (1:37).

Then Blake talks who should win and who will win at the Oscars this Sunday (USA Time) with Brisbane-based film critic Sarah Ward (17:02).

Finally, Blake joins writer/director/exec. producer and film critic made good Leigh Whannell to chat his latest thriller, The Invisible Man, which arrives in Australian cinemas on February 27 (35:16).

This podcast stars

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)
Katie Walsh (follow Katie on Twitter)
Sarah Ward (follow Sarah on Twitter)
Leigh Whannell (follow Leigh on Twitter)

Further reading/listening

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