The Take: Everything we know about The Mandalorian

Disney+’s The Mandalorian starts streaming November 12, and our podcast The Take will be covering each episode the day after release. Today, co-hosts Blake Howard and Lindsey Romain get together for a very special bonus launch episode of The Take: Mandalorian.

Episode breakdown…

ACT ONE: Blake and Lindsey talk about their Star Wars origin stories, The Mandalorian filling in the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, the fantastic crew in front of and behind the camera, and Werner Herzog.

ACT TWO: Blake joins Sydney-based T.V critic Dan Barrett. Blake and Dan talk about the Star Wars live-action series Underworld that never came to be, the circa 632 launch titles on Disney+, and finally Disney’s corporate release strategy for The Mandalorian.

This podcast stars…

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)
Lindsey Romain (follow Lindsey on Twitter)
Dan Barrett (follow Dan on Twitter)

Further reading…

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