The Croods: Family Tree - Season 1

The Croods: Family Tree - Season 1

The Croods: Family Tree - Season 1

The Croods and the Bettermans have gone from neighbours at war to unlikely friends in this CG animated spinoff series. Continuing from the 2020 film The Croods: A New Age, the families join forces during misadventures inside their joint treehome.

2021USADreamWorks Animation
AnimatedKids & Family

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24 September 2021

Sticky Business

Struggling to find their purpose on the Betterman farm, the Croods see an opportunity to prove their worth by harvesting Phil’s perilous (and sticky) bounceberries.

24 September 2021

Guy Time

When Eep wants alone time with her new friend Dawn, Guy seeks a new friend of his own and finds an unlikely companion in Thunk.

24 September 2021

Game Nightmare

When the Bettermans invite the Croods to join their family game night, two things become clear: Phil needs to win and Grug hates to lose.

24 September 2021

What Goes Eep Must Come Dawn

After a crowverine gliding mishap, Dawn loses her confidence and tells Eep she's taking a break from adventures. Eep convinces Dawn to join her on one last adventure – climbing Grrr Mountain.

24 September 2021

Parental Stridence

When Hope oversteps by trying to teach Sandy manners, Ugga gets her revenge by challenging Hope to do the impossible: civilize Thunk.

24 September 2021

The Flopping of the Bullruses

Ugga has a secret - she's taking Eep to "flop with the bulrusses" - a fun and dangerous pastime Ugga enjoyed as a teen. Ugga's excitement fades when Hope invites herself and Dawn along.