The Croods: Family Tree - Season 2

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The Croods and the Bettermans have gone from neighbours at war to unlikely friends in this CG animated spinoff series.... More

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The Croods: Family Tree - Season 2 is available to... More stream in Australia now on Stan.

The Croods: Family Tree - Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

Remote Control

Bored of the viewing options on window, Thunk realizes what... More he’s been missing – real life drama! But when Thunk starts creating drama around the farm, the others set out to teach him a lesson.

Episode 2.2

Daddy Daughter Day

Sandy is finally old enough to join Grug and Eep... More for the annual Daddy Daughter Day and Grug couldn’t be more excited. But when Sandy struggles to fit in with Grug and Eep’s traditions, Grug has second thoughts.

Episode 2.3

There’s No Phil in Team

When Phil humiliates himself playing throw-go-nut with the punch monkeys,... More the Croods band together to help him regain his confidence. Unfortunately, Phil goes from confident to cocky and bets the farm on a game of throw-go-nut with the punch monkeys.

Episode 2.4

Thunder Games

When Gran announces it’s time to choose a new Thunder... More Sisters Queen, Ugga assumes she’s got it in the bag. But after a series of challenges (the Thunder Games), it becomes clear Gran might not be ready to step down.


Shock and Awww

Guy is always surprising Eep with romantic gestures and Eep... More wants to return the favor. But when Guy proves impossible to surprise, Eep has to step up her game.


Straycation (1)

The Crood and Betterman parents have been struggling to get... More along – they’re so different! The two couple realize they need some time apart and decide to get away from the farm and each other.


Straycation (2)

While the parents are away, the kids are in charge... More of the tree house, but when the punch monkeys invade the house, the kids find themselves out of their element.

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