He’s back! Yahoo Serious will make a rare public appearance for the 30th anniversary of Young Einstein

You don’t often hear the words “Yahoo Serious” anymore. And when you do they are usually part of the sentence “What the hell happened to Yahoo Serious?”

In a few months you can find out for yourself. Serious will have a rare public appearance and Q&A live on stage at the Orpheum in Sydney on Friday May 31 at 8:30pm.

The cinema is screening Serious’ breakthrough feature film, the comedy classic Young Einstein. It turns 30 this year.

Young Einstein (which Serious wrote, directed and starred in) is a zany film inspired by the life of Albert Einstein, who in this universe is the son of an apple farmer from Tasmania.

The film was a global phenomenon and created the legend of Yahoo Serious (who was born Greg Pead). His third and final film was Mr. Accident, which was released in 2000.

Then he…well, we have no idea what he did next.

But we are very excited to find out.

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