Watch the first trailer for A Quiet Place: Part II (with the volume low, obviously)

Looks like your New Years Eve celebrations were too loud – the sound of you and your mates partying has attracted the sonic threat of the alien predators from A Quiet Place. Bugger! Here is the first trailer for the sequel to actor-director John Krasinski’s 2018 sleeper horror hit.

After the first film’s devastating attack on their resourcefully protected family home, the Abbott family (or what remains of them) are on the road, roaming across a ruined Middle America in search of sanctuary. Along the way, they’ll bump into new characters played by Djimon Hounsou and Cillian Murphy (who played a similiar beleaguered survivor role in 28 Days Later). It remains to be seen whether either man is friend or foe.

One tricky obstacle for this sequel to overcome will be in maintaining a sense of tension surrounding the world-destroying aliens. In A Quiet Place‘s first installment, our  protagonists figured out how to disable the monsters through their sensitivity to sound, and this first trailer looks as though the suspense surrounding the aliens’ visual appearance has been left behind.

But Krasinski’s directorial debut (a high concept horror movie starring his wife and a few unknown child actors, no less) took audiences by surprise a few years ago – chances are good that he can do the same with this second part of the story.