Brothers’ Nest, from Shane and Clayton Jacobson, is generating some serious buzz

Over a decade ago, star Shane Jacobson and his brother, director Clayton Jacobson made Kenny, the hilarious mockumentary about a toilet cleaner. Now they have a new film called Brothers’ Nest. It will arrive in Australian cinemas in June after generating some seriously good word of mouth in America.

The film is also reportedly a comedy, but of a much darker kind than the one with Shane talking about smells that outlast religion. With both Jacobson brothers appearing in the main roles, they play brothers whose mother is dying of cancer. She plans to change her will to leave all her assets to her new husband. The brothers however have other ideas, and go to deadly lengths to protect their inheritance.

Brothers’ Nest premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in America late last year, generating glowing reviews. The Hollywood Reporter critic Harry Windsor went so far as to compare the film to the work of the Coen brothers. He described it as “a comedy that’s blacker than pitch, and tethered enough to unexaggerated human behavior that it can really commit to the consequences of its characters’ colossal stupidity.”

Jacob Hall from SlashFilm made a similar comparison, observing “a thriller cut from the Blood Simple cloth, recalling the more serious and stripped down work of Joel and Ethan Coen.”

Meanwhile, at, Brian Talleric said the film “becomes a smart slow-burn movie in that we know everything isn’t going to go as planned—there’s not a story if it does—and so we are stuck in this home with them, waiting for the fireworks to go off. And they truly do.”

We can’t wait to see the film for ourselves. Stay tuned.

Brothers’ Nest opens in Australian cinemas on June 21.