More Regency-era gossip, girl: when will Bridgerton Season 2 be released?

A scandalous new romance is blossoming in season two of Bridgerton, the hit period series produced by TV mastermind Shonda Rimes.

Netflix has not yet announced a date for when we can expect another season of regency romance, only that season two will arrive in early 2022. Until then, we can gossip and speculate endlessly on the enemies-to-lovers arc of Daphne’s rakish older brother Viscount Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Sex Education star Simone Ashley).

If you’re a fan of Julia Quinn’s original series of novels, you’ll know that each book focuses on a different member of the very privileged, very horny Bridgerton family. The Netflix series will follow the same structure, leaving the story of Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and Duke Simon (Regé-Jean Page, tragically not returning for the new season) in season one.

This time, we’re focusing on Anthony and his fiery love interest Kate: at Netflix‘s fan event TUDUM, we were blessed with this clip of Kate basically scolding Anthony for being a choosing beggar when it comes to finding an eligible dame. “Your character is as deficient as your horsemanship”, she roasts, before primly leaving him alone. Get ‘im!!

Netflix has revealed that Bridgerton is their most successful series ever, attracting a stunning 82 million households in its first month of release (by Netflix‘s dubious viewership stats, anyways). That popularity means we can expect plenty more Bridgerton on our screens in the coming years, with showrunner Chris Van Dusen celebrating the announcement of seasons three and four in the tweet below.

Will you be corseted up and ready for more high-society rumours, when Bridgerton returns to our streaming screens next year? It could be time for a season one rewatch—or, if you’re feelin’ literate, to check out another recommended period romance series that deserves a Bridgerton-esque adaptation.