Live comedy show Cinema Fiasco returns to Cinema Nova in December

Don’t you hate it when you’re at the cinema and people keep talking all the way through the movie?

We sure do. Flicks passionately believes anybody who talks through a movie deserves to have their tongue ripped out and to be publicly named and shamed until the end of time.

And yet in this crazy mixed-up world there are occasionally some important exceptions.

One of these exceptions is the live comedy show Cinema Fiasco. These guys – comedians Geoff Wallis and Janet A. McLeod – don’t just talk through movies. They charge audiences to listen to them do it.

The catch is, the movies they talk through are very bad and the comedians themselves are very funny. They have created a great deal of laughter in cinemas since kicking off their act around seven years ago.

Cinema Fiasco returns to Melbourne’s Cinema Nova on Friday December 14 to talk through the 1986 American monster movie King Kong Lives.

They will be back on Friday January 11 (for Devil Girl from Mars) and Friday February 15 (for Dracula’s Dog – whatever that is).

For more information, visit the Cinema Nova website. You can also follow Cinema Fiasco on Facebook.


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