How to watch Obliterated in Australia

Look, nobody’s operating at peak performance after a bender—that’s just immutable science, folks. But we’ve all pulled up to work feeling poorly after a big night, and that’s exactly what happens here—only there’s a five-kiloton nuke involved. That raises the stakes a bit, hey.

How to watch Obliterated in Australia

All eight episodes of Obliterated are streaming in Australia exclusively on Netflix from November 30.

What is Obliterated about?

Luckily the official synopsis is on hand to do the heavy lifting—we’re a bit delicate today.

“An elite special forces team thwart a deadly threat to Las Vegas then celebrate with booze, drugs, and sex. Unfortunately, the vibe is killed once they discover that the bomb they deactivated was a fake. With the clock ticking, the intoxicated team must fight through their impairments and overcome their personal issues to find the real bomb and save the world.”

Which, on paper, could go either way, to be honest. But since this comes from the Cobra Kai team of Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, we are optimistic that this one’s got the goods.

The cast of Obliterated

Nick Zano is Navy SEAL team leader Chad McKnight, Shelley Hennig is CIA agent Ava Winters;  Terrence Terrell is Navy SEAL Trunk, C. Thomas Howell is Army explosives technician Haggerty, Eugene Kim is Air Force pilot Paul Yung, Paola Lázaro is Marine sniper Angela Gomez, Kimi Rutledge is NSA agent Maya Lerner, and Alyson Gorske is Lana, the poor party girl who gets caught up in the crisis. Plus, Carl Lumbly, Virginia Madsen, Lori Petty, and Clive Standen all show up at one point or another.

Obliterated trailer

What are the critics saying about Obliterated?

Nothing at the time of writing! Which is a bit worrying because this thing drops soon. Could Netflix’s high-explosive hangover comedy be a giant bomb? Hard to say at this juncture, but the jokes will probably be better than that one. Will say, though, this feels more like a feature than a series.