How to watch Mercy Road in Australia

Aussie star Luke Bracey is ready to Locke and load in this new thriller from acclaimed director John Curran (Praise, Tracks).

How to watch Mercy Road in Australia

Mercy Road is in Australian cinemas now.

What is Mercy Road about?

Our boy Bracey is everyday bloke Tom, who is having an everyday experience as he hurtles through the night in his truck, frantically fielding phone calls as he tries to track down his missing daughter, Ruby. We’re not quite clear as to what has happened, but a mysterious voice on the blower alludes to some terrible deed Tom committed in the recent past, and claims to have kidnapped Ruby. If Tom doesn’t follow his instructions to the letter… well, you know the drill.

Almost the entire film takes place in Tom’s truck, which was shot on a virtual backlot, but given this is designed to be a claustrophobic thriller, no points deducted.

The cast of Mercy Road

Luke Bracey is Tom, Alex Malone is his ex-wife Terri-Lynne, Martha Kate Morgan is Ruby, Susie Porter is Abigail, whose exact role we’re a bit fuzzy on, and the “associate” yanking on Tom’s telephonic chain is none other than brilliant character actor Toby Jones. It’s always nice to see him, although in this case we may only hear him.

Mercy Road trailer

What are the critics saying about Mercy Road?

Not much good, my friends, not much good. It’s taking a bit of a bollocking in the press, with even broadly positive reviews offering faint praise for a film described as confused, murky, and unable to fill even its short 85 minute running time satisfactorily. Bracey’s performance is getting some appreciation, though, and our own Luke Buckmaster, who needs to update his Rotten Tomatoes profile pic, dug it, writing in The Guardian that “…Mercy Road is an original, darkly idiosyncratic thriller; I’ve never seen another quite like it.”