How to watch AirBnB horror hit Barbarian in Australia

When will we get to see the out-of-the-blue hit every American horror nerd’s been talking about? Answer: pretty damn soon.

From Ti West’s smut film saga X and Pearl to Jordan Peele’s sci-fi blockbuster Nope and Phil Tippett’s stop-motion nightmare Mad God, this year’s delivered an eclectic load of smashing horror films. Adding to this collection is writer-director Zach Cregger’s Barbarian, a sudden hit in the US that has had audiences rethinking their solo AirBnB vacations.

Georgina Campbell (All My Friends Hate Me) and Bill Skarsgård (It) star as two people who somehow book the same accommodation on the same day. Agreeing to inhabit the same house until they figure it out, this unusual situation suddenly turns nightmarish when…

OK, look: you’re gonna want to trust us here when we say this is as much as you’ll want to know about the film. We’re not even going to embed the trailer like we usually do. If you’ve heard any of the chatter overseas, then you’ll know you’ll want to enter this film blind.

We can say the film’s been a hit with the critics too, earning a mighty 92% from 132 reviewers as of writing. “The sense of dread [Cregger] creates is the stuff that the very best horror movies are made of,” Variety praises. “An absolutely stunning addition to the horror canon,” AV Club states. “A wild and terrifying ride,” confirms The Hollywood Reporter.

Fortunately, Australian horror geeks can hop on this ride when Barbarian opens in select cinemas here from 20 October (and keep an eye out for potential advanced screenings near you).