Australian trailer and release date: Monster Hunter

Action director Paul W. S. Anderson and his actress wife Milla Jovovich might have the most covetable Hollywood relationship of them all. What, after all, says, “I love you” better than casting your significant other as a badarse action star time and time again, giving her every fun weapon imaginable to play with?

Monster Hunter, the pair’s latest collaboration, stars Jovovich as an army lieutenant trying to bring about the destruction of an alien planet’s vicious native beasts. The film is based on the best-selling video game series of the same name, but this time you can sit back and watch a team of buff soldiers do all the Monster Hunt-ing for you!

Here’s the official trailer for Monster Hunter, replete with a lot of flying sand, ridiculously oversized swords, and ripper CGI monsters. I know in most genre films, the monster is an exaggerated metaphor or some societal or personal ill, but here I’m happy to claim that these monsters might just literally be big angry space freaks. Love it.

Monster Hunter also stars Ong-Bak‘s Tony Jaa as a mysterious stranger who seems to know how to kill the monsters, and Jovovich must work closely with him to ensure the survival of her soldiers.

If you’re on the hunt for Monster Hunter, you’re likely to find it in select cinemas around Australia from January 1, making it one of the first big blockbuster releases to herald in the new year.