The Take podcast: Shia LaBeouf v Robert Pattinson + happy birthday The Breakfast Club

Who is the greater actor: Shia LaBeouf or Robert Pattinson? That’s the hot topic debated in this episode of The Take, which also commemorates the 35th anniversary of The Breakfast Club.

Episode breakdown

First up host Blake Howard commemorates the 35th anniversary of The Breakfast Club with Melbourne critic Cameron Williams, discussing this watershed teen movie.

Then, to coincide with the release of Honey Boy and the first look at Matt Reeves The Batman, this week’s Duel of Takes (15:17) debates who is the greater actor: Shia LaBeouf or Robert Pattinson?

Prosecuting for the star of Honey Boy, American Honey, Fury, The Peanut Butter Falcon and, yes, Transformers is none other than the host of The Take, Blake Howard.

Litigating for the star of The Rover, The Lighthouse, High Life, The King and, yes, Twilight, is Australian Film Critic Association award winner and Flicks writer Travis Johnson.

Blake relinquishes the judge gavel to the editor of Flicks, Luke Buckmaster. This kangaroo court is now in session.

This podcast stars

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)
Cam Williams (follow Cam on Twitter)
Luke Buckmaster (follow Luke on Twitter)
Travis Johnson (follow Travis on Twitter)

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