Valley of Tears: Season 1

Valley of Tears: Season 1

Valley of Tears: Season 1

A surprise attack on Isreal from Syrian and Egyption forces led to a war that changed the Middle East forever, as depicted in this HBO series.

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9 March 2021

Pride Before a Fall

October 5, 1973. On the first day of Yom Kippur, the commanding officers at a top-secret Israeli military facility fail to heed the desperate warnings of Avinoam, a young intelligence analyst convinced that a war... MORE is about to break out. Meanwhile, Alush and Marco, two members of the nearby 87th tank crew, ask their commander to intervene on behalf of their friend and fellow soldier Melakhi, a social justice activist who’s been arrested in Jerusalem for political insurgency. As the Syrian army mounts its attack and air-raid sirens begin to blare, Meni, a journalist and television personality, realizes his estranged, newly-enlisted son is headed to the frontlines.

9 March 2021

The Heavens Are Watching

With reinforcements hours away, Yoav leads his small unit in an against-all-odds fight to protect the untrained and ill-equipped Hermon intelligence soldiers. Not far away, Yoav’s girlfriend Dafna, a female officer, resists orders for all... MORE women to evacuate the frontlines. Meanwhile, the 87th is thrust into battle and suffers a devastating loss. Hoping to get back to his friends in the tank crew, Melakhi hitches a ride with Meni, who’s heading out of the city in search of his son.

9 March 2021

My Rock, My Fortress

After Syrian forces infiltrate Hermon, Avinoam attempts to lead his fellow soldiers to safety through the facility’s secret tunnels. While Alush looks out for Yoni, a shell-shocked paratrooper, the 87th grows increasingly worried about the... MORE mental stability of their new commander, Caspi. Meni, Melakhi, and Dafna bond as they journey to the Golan Heights to find their loved ones.

9 March 2021

Strength of My Foes

Beyond hope of rescue and with no way of returning to safety, Marco leads the 87th in a rebellion to subdue Caspi. At the foot of the mountain, Yoav, Avinoam, and the Hermon soldiers find... MORE themselves in a brutal ambush and, later, Avinoam makes an unlikely connection with a Syrian soldier. As communications begin to collapse, Dafna tries to restore order back at her tumultuous command post.

9 March 2021

Stuck on the Hill

With Syrian forces advancing on their location, Marco tries to use a stranded pilot as leverage for a rescue mission. Meanwhile, Melakhi remains determined to find his friends, despite revelations from Meni about a possible... MORE informant in their inner-circle. Alone in Syrian-controlled territory, Avinoam and Yoav find a common bond in the most dangerous of circumstances.

9 March 2021

Rain On Us!

At command, Meni challenges the army's seeming indifference to his son's fate, while Dafna takes on a mission no one else is willing to handle. Meanwhile, Avinoam does his best to bring a wounded and... MORE desperate Yoav to safety, and as the 87th tries to hold back the Syrian army, Melakhi confronts Alush for ratting him out to the police —but learns of an entirely different deception instead.

9 March 2021

Night at the Bunker

At base, Avinoam faces questions from military police, who seem more concerned about the abandoned Hermon facility than rescuing Yoay. Trapped in a hilltop bunker as the Syrian army closes in, the 87th must decide... MORE who will make a crucial sacrifice. Nearby, Meni attempts to convince a tank crew to help him reach his son.

9 March 2021

Preparing for the Big Battle

Despite their mental and physical wounds, Melakhi, Marco, and Yoni volunteer to head back into the inferno. As the hours tick down toward a massive armored battle, Melakhi turns his suspicions on Marco, while Dafna... MORE and Avinoam realize they have a shared connection.

9 March 2021

The Abyss

Staring down hundreds of enemy tanks in a seemingly hopeless battle, Melakhi steps up to lead the 87th, forcing his crew to rethink their entire training in order to make it out alive. Meanwhile, when... MORE Avinoam surrenders himself to protect Dafna, his fears of captivity come to fruition. With their very survival in question, Meni and Yoni finally reconcile, and Marco looks to make amends with Melakhi.

9 March 2021

Valley of Tears

In the brutal Valley of Tears battle, the tank crew faces impossible challenges and suffers heavy casualties at point-blank range. Meanwhile, a Syrian interrogator tests Avinoam's determination to guard intelligence secrets.

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