The Newsreader: Season 1

The Newsreader: Season 1

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Anna Torv (Fringe) and Sam Reid (Belle) lead this newsroom series set in 1986 Melbourne, following the drama presented on-camera and the dramatics unfolding behind the cameras.


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Three, Two, One…

In 1986, the cutthroat world of commercial television news throws... More ambitious reporter Dale and newsreader Helen together.


Once in a Lifetime

Helen and Dale's new alliance has become the talk of... More the office as they cover the much-hyped return of Halley's Comet. The closer Dale draws to Helen, the more he finds himself thrust into the spotlight.


The White Marquis Matinee Jacket

When news breaks of Lindy Chamberlain's imminent release from prison,... More Helen, Dale and cameraman Tim fly to Darwin. But they'll face fierce competition as they fight to land the "interview of the century".


A Step Closer to the Madness

Helen is deeply apprehensive about meeting Dale's mother, while Dale... More gets lumbered with royal wedding puff pieces. But their everyday concerns are thrown aside when a bomb goes off on Russell Street.


No More Lies

Dale's career and his relationship with Helen couldn't be any... More better, until his prized interview with an HIV-positive mother goes horribly wrong. In the eye of a media storm, buried secrets comes to light.



While Helen is still reeling after Dale's revelation, reports emerge... More of a nuclear accident in Chernobyl. In the face of great fear and uncertainty, the pair must confront who they really are to each other, and to themselves.

The Newsreader: Season 1 | Awards

Award Winner
Best Drama Series, Best Lead Actress (Torv) and Best Supporting Actor (McInnes) winner at the 2021 AACTA Awards.

The Newsreader: Season 1 | Reviews

The Conversation

The Conversation

The Newsreader is a great piece of television drama but one thing doesn’t ring true. Commercial newsrooms in 1986 were not as diverse as the program pretends...

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The Newsreader is at its best when it conveys the mingled stress, thrill and intimacy of working closely and creatively under pressure.

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Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald

(The Newsreader) packs nostalgia, romance and office politics into its six perfectly formed hours, and still finds room to tackle weighty issues... In its understated way it is quite brilliant.

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From the very first moment... (The Newsreader) is a rush, an energetic series that leaves you buzzing and wanting more.

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The Guardian

The Guardian

A well-told and engrossing drama, offsetting the franticness of a tumultuous industry with a dignified sensibility.

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The Newsreader: Season 1 | Release Details

The Newsreader: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now on ABC iView.