Basketball: A Love Story - Season 1

Basketball: A Love Story - Season 1

Basketball: A Love Story - Season 1

ESPN's juggernaut docuseries covers the history of basketball across ten episodes.

The series connects 60 "short stories" that paint an overall picture of the game throughout the decades and shows the sport's impact on race, politics, media, art, business, fashion and entertainment. Features 165 exclusive interviews from the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Steph Curry, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Charles Barkley, Julius Erving, Isiah Thomas, David Robinson, and Phil Jackson among many others. The episodes are variously narrated by Chadwick Boseman, Michael Che, Chris Cuomo, Daveed Diggs, Ansel Elgort, Ashley Judd, Julianne Moore, Robin Quivers, Ahmad Rashad, and Fisher Stevens.

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15 June 2020

Episode 3

In this third episode of Basketball: A Love Story, we take a look at the greatest college basketball dynasty of all time, UCLA, and the legendary Coach Wooden. You'll also see Texas Western over Kentucky in one of the most important championship games ever. Plus, the wild characters of the ABA, the injustice that cost Connie Hawkins years of his career, and the tragedy of Maurice Stokes and how that changed the relationship between the NBA and its players forever.

15 June 2020

Episode 5

You're about to see David against Goliath, David Thompson going head to head with Bill Walton's UCLA Bruins. And the Skywalker's legendary scoring race against The Ice Man back in '78. We'll meet 'The General', Bobby Knight--three championships and too much controversy to keep track of. Also, a look at what some consider to be the greatest game in NBA history. Then we got the Deal of the Century, how the ABA and NBA came together and the two guys who made millions off the deal.

15 June 2020

Episode 6

Coming up on Basketball: A Love Story, we highlight some of the most influential people in basketball along with some unbelievable stories: We start with somebody near and dear to my heart, Pat Summitt, maybe the greatest coach ever. John Thompson, one of the most important coaches ever. David Stern, the man who made the NBA what it is today. Then you got the rivalries, Philly and Portland duke it out; the Lakers and Celtics slug it out. And we'll ask the question everyone thinks they have the answer to: are basketball geniuses born or made.

15 June 2020

Episode 8

You want inspiration? How about Magic, his comeback, and what it meant to the world. Then there's the Zen Master and His Airness, Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan take over the world with the Chicago Bulls. We also take a look at the new generation of college coaches in the eighties and nineties--Jimmy V, Tark the Shark, Coach K, Nolan Richardson. And don't think we forgot about Pat versus Geno. If you love the game you gotta watch Basketball: A Love Story.

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