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- Fliks? In Beta?
- Movie ticket booking links
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- Membership/Sign-Up: Connecting with Facebook and Twitter
- Membership/Sign-Up: Your Cinemas List
- Membership/Sign-Up: Your rank
- Membership/Sign-Up: Your avatar
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Fliks? In Beta?

Yes. Fliks in Beta. What you see here are the beginnings of something tremendous. 

Fliks is Australia's nationwide movie and cinema guide. We've designed it to help you choose your movie - what's on? what's good? where is it playing? when is it playing?, and so forth. We show you session times for every cinema and every movie playing. 

Across the top nav you can see above:
NOW PLAYING - here are all movies now playing in cinemas across Australia. Each movie page will tell you sessions times in your area, along with full details, trailers, press and user reviews.
COMING SOON - all movies coming soon to Australian Cinemas,
CINEMAS - naturally enough, cinemas. Find cinemas near you, and see what's playing.

Click here for more about us.

Movie ticket booking links

Fliks will increasingly show ticket buying options (on movie or cinema pages, click a session time). This will direct you to the cinema's own online booking system -we don't handle any purchases and won't ask for any credit card details.

Why Sign-Up with Fliks?

Signing-up is free. It allows you add favourite cinemas, review movies and sign-up to our weekly email. Do it here.

Membership/Sign-Up: Connecting with Facebook and Twitter

If you're a Facebooker, you can use your profile to sign up with Fliks. If your Fliks profile is not currently connected, you can link it to your Facebook or Twitter account (under Settings).

This is simply a way to login into Fliks easily (so you don't have to remember another freaking password). We won't ever automatically post to your Facebook wall or Twitter page.

You can still change any of your Fliks profile's details as you so wish. You can also remove connections (under Settings).

Membership/Sign-Up: Your Cinemas List

You can save your favourite cinemas to a list and quickly navigate through them. First, login (you have to, so we can save the list). In the cinemas section add cinemas by clicking the heart buttons.

On cinemas pages you’ll then see your list of cinemas on the right-hand side. You can also use this right-hand list to also add/remove cinemas.

Membership/Sign-Up: Your rank...

Every member is ranked - so you can see at a glance who's worth their salt:
NOBODY = 0-3 reviews
WANNABE = 4-6 reviews
B-GRADER = 7-9 reviews
A-LISTER = 10-19 reviews
SUPERSTAR = 20+ reviews

Membership/Sign-Up:Your avatar...

The full dimensions are: 140 x 140 pixels.

Is my Flicks membership information private?

100%. When you sign up or edit your details, each bit of information is clearly marked to show what information is displayed to others and which is not. Basically, all private info (email, full name) is hidden. See our Terms & Conditions for more.

If you would like your profile deleted - email Please include your User Name and Real Name. We'll take care of it.

I find a review or comment offensive and I want to tell somebody...

Email with the details, we'll look into it.

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