Trailer and release date for Halloween Ends, Michael Myer’s last (??) ride

If it weren’t for the fact that he’s mercilessly slain so many Haddonfield innocents over the years, Michael Myers could be a shining role model of persistence: the dude just refuses to die, always jumping up from where you left him bleeding for another slash.

In his most recent, dubiously received film appearance, Halloween Kills, that endurance was taken to a whole new level, with a seemingly super-powered Mikey basically extinguishing an entire town. The thing he wasn’t counting on was a sadly sidelined Laurie Strode (all-timer Jamie Lee Curtis), who should hit back in a big way with David Gordon Green’s sequel trilogy conclusion.

Halloween Ends will end the rebooted Halloween saga on October 13, just a few weeks short of All Hallows’ Eve itself. Much like the awesome 90s sequel H20: 20 Years Later, it seems to promise some permanent end to Myers, with Laurie muttering “come on, let’s go” and “come get me, motherf**ker” in the trailer below.

There’s a poignant, flickering montage of Jamie Lee’s ultimate final girl throughout the ages, resulting in the gray-haired “trauwma” survivor we know and love today. In their epic present-day kitchen battle, Myers almost jams her hand in a garbage disposal, but she manages to wrench it away to stab his own hand with a hefty butcher knife. Nice.

Green’s slate-cleaning 2018 sequel, simply titled Halloween, received strong reviews for its empowering return to Laurie Strode as the series’ ever-dependable lead character. She wasn’t in Halloween Kills enough, instead leaving room for an episodic, almost comedic series of events with Haddonfielders hyping themselves up to kill Myers before shooting themselves in the face/stepping on a rake/slipping on a banana peel resulting in a heart attack.

This October, Halloween Ends might just bring it all home, enticing us with the suggestion of Myers’ canonical demise. Not that canon is too respected in the franchise: Laurie has already been rudely killed off before, and previous entries suggested that Myers was, among other things, her brother or a supernatural entity controlled by runes. Please, horror movie gods, let Laurie defeat Myers with runes in this new movie.