Trailer and release date for Encanto, Disney’s new Colombian fairytale

Lin-Manuel Miranda seems to be Disney’s secret musical weapon lately: penning songs for Moana, popping up in Mary Poppins Returns, and of course creating and starring in the Broadway phenomenon Hamilton, which was released onto Disney+ last year.

He’s also behind the music for Disney’s upcoming animated fantasy Encanto, creating the sounds and songs for a magical house and its exceptional family of inhabitants. We’ve got the gloriously rendered trailer below, and audiences can finally see the magic on December 2, with its release in cinemas and (possibly) on Disney+ too.

Encanto means “charm” in English, something this vibrant and musical feature will certainly do at the end of 2021. Brooklyn Nine-Nine standout Stephanie Beatriz stars as the sole child in the Madrigal family who does not have some sort of supernatural ability. She can’t even communicate with animals, create flowers where she walks, or lift a piano in each hand, like her lucky relatives. What a loser, right?

When the Madrigal’s way of life is threatened, protagonist Mirabel may be the only way to save their magic. She’ll presumably do it via a soundtrack of catchy Latin-inspired showtunes written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda and Beatriz have even collaborated recently, when she starred as a gossip-happy hairdresser in his movie musical In The Heights.

Expect a funny, fantastical and proud celebration of Colombian family, that your own magical fam can enjoy from December 2, when Encanto is released into cinemas around Australia.