Top Gun: Maverick is now the 3rd highest-grossing film in Aussie box office history

Despite being a wildly patriotic film for US audiences, it would seem that 80s action sequel Top Gun: Maverick holds a special place in the hearts of Australian cinemagoers, too.

Recent news from the film’s studio Paramount has celebrated Maverick‘s rise to the top, even as the bombastic military blockbuster is still earning in cinemas.

It’s the highest-grossing film of the year in Australia, with $85 million at time of writing, and now it’s the third highest-grossing film in Aussie box office history, just behind Avatar ($115 million) and Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens ($94 million).

Ever since its release at the start of June 2022, Top Gun: Maverick has kept a steady cruising (Cruise-ing?) altitude in the Australian box office. Check out our report from its stellar opening week, where the film had already earned almost $20 million. Months later, it’s being outdone by newer Marvel and family-friendly releases, but new viewers are still feeling the need for speed with another $2-3 million going into Tom Cruise’s khaki pockets each week.

Screen Australia’s official tally of national box office history has not been updated to include the recent hit, which brought back Cruise’s renegade fighter pilot alongside his late buddy’s son (Miles Teller) and an old flame (Jennifer Connelly). Wikipedia shows that Maverick will rise to third, beating out recent Marvel blockbusters Spider-Man: No Way Home and even the current international top dog Avengers: Endgame.

The highest-ranking Australian film on the list is still 1986’s Crocodile Dundee, but it’s in 21st position below countless franchise entries and Disney remakes. As far as those shameless sequels go, we certainly have taste as a country in anointing Top Gun: Maverick to the bronze spot. Have a read of Flicks’ glowing review if you need more convincing to pilot yourself to a cinema.