The town that dreaded sundown: how to watch From season 1 in Australia

Road trips can be a nightmare at the best of times: family squabbling in the car, boring stops in dead-end towns, the constant question of “are we there yet?” For the family we meet in episode one of From, that question has an existentially horrifying answer.

Now streaming exclusively on Stan, the first season of From stars Harold Perrineau as the sheriff and de facto mayor of a sleepy town somewhere in the middle of the US. He has the bitter duty of informing any newcomers that they’re stuck here for good, due to some supernatural trickery that traps all passersby in a never-ending return to the middle of town.

Even worse, when the sun goes down the townspeople are haunted by shadowy creatures from the woods. Sometimes they appear as lost loved ones, coaxing tired kids to let them inside. But they can also take on a more monstrous form, picking off vulnerable townsfolk one by one.

Supplies are dwindling, new guests are frequently arriving and becoming trapped too, and Sheriff Boyd can’t seem to find a way out. If this sounds like the kind of tantalising TV mystery you loved in Lost, that makes sense, since the executive producers of that baffling show are behind this one too.

From has received positive reviews for its first season, with Perrineau’s stoic performance praised alongside the show’s satisfying horror and thriller elements. We can confirm that a second season is already in the works. So you know you’ll hopefully get some answers, or at least some equally addictive new questions and twists.

All nine episodes of the first season are fully available to stream on Stan now, in one ungodly, spooky binge sesh. Maybe watch it during the daytime, though. Night is when the village’s evil comes out to feed.

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