The Bear season 3 trailer and release date – Australia

Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Who can say? Certainly not awards-season juries, that’s for sure. But the important thing is that kitchen-set, anxiety-drenched critical fave The Bear is on its way back.

When is The Bear season 3 being released in Australia?

All 10 episodes of The Bear season 3 are streaming in Australia exclusively on Disney+ from June 27. They’re dropping the lot, so prepare to feast.

What is The Bear season 3 about?

Having laboured to pull his family’s sandwich shop, The Beef, into some kind of solvency after inheriting it from his late brother in season one, and moved heaven and earth to transform it into upscale dining establishment The Bear in season two, fine dining chef turned reluctant family patriarch Carmine “Carmy” Berzatto once again finds himself squarely behind the eight ball following the personally disastrous but professionally successful “friends and family” soft launch that capped off last season. Exact plot details have not yet been made public, but all other considerations aside he should probably do no small amount of grovelling towards freshly-alienated girlfriend Claire…

The cast of The Bear season 3

Jeremy Allen White is Carmy; Ebon Moss-Bachrach is Richie Jerimovich, the hard-nosed restaurant manager; Ayo Edebiri is Sydney Adamu, a prodigiously talented but inexperienced sous-chef; Lionel Boyce is pastry chef Marcus Brooks; Liza Colón-Zayas is veteran line cook Tina Marrero; Abby Elliott as Natalie Berzatto, Carmy’s sister and co-owner of The Beef; Matty Matheson is handyman Neil Fak; and Molly Gordon and Oliver Platt are back as love interest Claire and family friend/investor/dodgy guy Jimmy “Cicero” Kalinowski, respectively. It all sounds so normal when you put it down like that, but every character is tapped in the head to some degree.

The Bear season 3 trailer

Why we’re excited about The Bear season 3

Look, it’s just one of the best shows around right now: funny, fraught and fairly accurate to the high pressure world of professional cooking. We’ll take a fresh course every time they serve one up.