Jason Statham’s latest vengeance-wreaking thriller is now in cinemas AND on digital release

Since taking on the unlikely project of adapting Disney’s Aladdin into live action, Guy Ritchie has more or less fallen back into his tried-and-true routine of making movies about angry Cockney guys beating each other up.

Ritchie’s latest knuckle-dustin’ thriller stars Jason Statham as a mysterious driver who may have ulterior motives for taking on a heist job. It’s called Wrath of Man, and it is now on digital release as well as currently screening in cinemas.

The trailer below does give away quite a bit of backstory, suggesting that the Stath is seeking bloody vengeance for the wrongful death of his son. “I do bear a grudge”, our bald legend admits before the trailer’s final percussive gun blast; and some echoey ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ in the background doesn’t dissuade from the mood of good ol’ fashioned revenge storytelling.

Based on the 2004 French action-thriller Le Convoyeur, Wrath of Man also stars Scott Eastwood, Josh Hartnett and musician Post Malone in supporting roles. But it’s certainly more of a centralised star vehicle than Ritchie’s last film The Gentlemen, which spread its badassery out across a strong ensemble cast.

You can heist your own tickets through the link below.