How to watch The Jinx: Part 2 in Australia

Remember The Jinx, the 2015 true crime series that took us into the weird world and twisted mind of American real estate nepo baby and convicted murderer Robert Durst? Well, it turns out that even though Durst died in prison in 2022, there’s more tale to tell.

When is The Jinx: Part 2 being released in Australia?

The Jinx: Part 2 is streaming in Australia on Binge from April 22.

What is The Jinx: Part 2 about?

How long have you got?

Okay, as briefly as possible: having made the movie All Good Things, which was inspired by Durst’s life, filmmaker Andrew Jarecki undertook the documentary project The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, to give it its full and illustrious title. Durst, who was suspected of killing his first wife Kathleen McCormack in 1982, his friend (and probably co-conspirator, given she supplied him with an alibi) Susan Berman in 2000, and definitely did kill and dismember Morris Black in 2001, liked All Good Things and agreed to be interviewed extensively for the doco, despite never having spoken to the press before. Long and very weird  (Durst disguised himself as a mute woman while in hiding at one point, among other things) story short, new evidence uncovered during production resulted in Durst being charged and eventually convicted of Berman’s murder. He was also charged with McCormack’s murder, but died before trial.

This new season of six episodes covers events in Durst’s life since 2015, and uncovers new details about previously documented events.

The cast of The Jinx: Part 2

Well, Robert Durst of course, with a full company of family members, former friends, and investigators on hand to explain just how bizarre he was.

The Jinx: Part 2 trailer

Why we’re excited about The Jinx: Part 2

While it’s got no chance of recapturing the zeitgeist the way the first season did, so far every revelation about Durst has been more jaw-dropping than the last, so we are cueing this one up the second it drops.