How to watch New York crime-comedy Only Murders In The Building in Australia

“Approximately twelve minutes from now, I will be dead”, the murder victim informs us through the camera, in the trailer for Only Murders In The Building.

That’ll be a tantalising lede for some true crime heads and murder mystery obsessives watching, but it’s also catnip to the wannabe-sleuths that are the show’s main characters. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez play a trio of neighbours who get way too involved in a real-life true crime mystery unfolding in their apartment building.

Only Murders In The Building has premiered on Disney+, with new episodes arriving weekly. That means Disney+ subscribers can get in on the bumbling detective work right now.

The list of suspects is too fantastic to pass up, with some of the accused neighbours played by Amy Ryan, Nathan Lane, Tina Fey, Jane Lynch and goddamn Sting as himself. Just please don’t let Sting (or any of the new friends in our main trio of detectives) be the killer please.

Only Murders In The Building looks extremely sweet, diverting and laid-back, perhaps a nice alternative to the highly suspenseful and often exploitative true crime genre which it lampoons. The series is attributed to “the comedic mind of Steve Martin”, whose writing and producing skills here should keep everything delightfully light and silly.

Up until the final eighth episode screens, you can follow the clues and red herrings of this charming show on the Star content tile via Disney+.