How to watch High Country in Australia

Boy, the Victorian mountains seem like dangerous country. It seems like only weeks ago that Eric Bana was up there working a missing persons case in The Dry 2: Force of Nature, and now Leah Purcell’s back in the same patch, and on a similar investigation.

When is High Country being released in Australia?

High Country season 1 is streaming in Australia on Binge and Foxtel Now from March 19.

What is High Country about?

Co-created by TV veterans John Ridley (Wentworth, Hungry Ghosts) and Marcia Gardner (North Shore, Bali 2002), this eight-part series stars Leah Purcell as cop Andrea Whitford, who’s been assigned a new post in the remote and decidedly spooky Victorian High Country. Once there, she realises that at least some of the many, many disappearances in the area over the years (never go hiking, folks) are connected, and as she digs deeper she uncovers… well, some sort of conspiracy. Will this be a “vested interests collude on a real estate deal” style conspiracy or the more colourful but less realistic “wealthy family has a cannibal kid” conspiracy? Best tune in to find out.

The cast of High Country

In addition to the always excellent Purcell, we have Game of Thrones actor Ian McElhinney as fellow police officer Sam Dyson, who frankly could be hiding something; Sara Wiseman as Andrea’s life partner, Helen Hartley; Mystery Road‘s Aaron Pedersen and Offspring‘s Linda Cropper in roles that have yet to be disclosed; plus Luke McKenzie, Leah Vandenberg, Geoff Morrell, Pez Warner and Pedrea Jackson in support.

High Country trailer

Why we’re excited about High Country

Look, we just love our outback noirs. Now, whether this has enough points of difference to make it distinct from every other outback noir that comes down the pike is up for debate, but we are quietly hopeful. All else aside: that’s a solid cast.