The trailer and release date for Stan’s Byron Bay teen mystery series Eden

Take a deep breath and dive into the secrets of Eden, Stan‘s upcoming teen mystery series shot on location in New South Wales’ stunning Northern Rivers region.

With the full trailer available below, you can start getting truly hyped for what looks like a seductive Aussie take on Euphoria, all about the homecoming of teen musician Scout (newcomer Sophie Wilde) and her summer of sex, desire and suppressed small-town secrets bubbling to the surface.

We’ve already seen Bebe Bettencourt play a troubled teen with a mysterious fate in this year’s hit Aussie drama The Dry, but here she’s getting a tad more screentime as Scout’s lost love Hedwig. After years of friendship, the pair reveal their romantic feelings to each other one crazy drug-fuelled night out, only for Hedwig to totally disappear without a trace the next day.

Over eight episodes, this intoxicating drama about intoxicated Byron Bay locals looks ready to blow our minds with a twisting plot and incisive performances from a cast of young Aussie talent. And, in the trailer below, all that seaside imagery from directors such as John Curran and Mirrah Foulkes looks pretty damn heavenly too.

Eden will arrive exclusively on Stan on June 11, with all episodes available at once. Its supporting cast includes AHS‘s Cody Fern and Gold Logie-winner Samuel Johnson as the detective trying to piece Hedwig’s story together, something we’ll all be able to do from the comfort of our living room sofas from June 11.