All 10 seasons of Friends have landed on BINGE

Five days and one hour: that’s how long it’d take you to consecutively watch every episode of the seminal sitcom Friends, from its pilot to the final installment in Ross and Rachel’s on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again-on-again relationship. And now, with BINGE acquiring all of the series’ 10 seasons, subscribers can do just that.

From the morning of Thursday 17 September, Friends‘ 236 episodes will be available to subscribers of BINGE, where it’ll join the platform’s already impressive streaming library of beloved sitcoms such as Modern Family, Seinfeld and The Office.

Despite being more than a few decades old, Friends still maintains a fierce and broad-spread fandom; it’s all you can think of when you hear the word ‘pivot’, and the series even sparked a fashion moment with the indomitable ‘The Rachel’ haircut.

Seriously, think of all the sitcom’s catchphrases! Joey’s ‘How you doin?’, Ross’s plea that ‘we were on a break!!’, Janice’s nasal ‘Oh. My. God!’ In your 5+ day voyage into the show, you’ll come across countless iconic scenes and cameos from stars like Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Kathleen Turner, and, my fave, Danny Devito as an ageing male stripper.

BINGE Executive Director Alison Hurbert-Burns celebrated the addition of the sitcom, saying that “we know Australians love Friends, it’s been a fan favourite for decades and is now being discovered by a whole new generation.”

With 90s culture and style more trendy than ever, it does seem like Friends is constantly finding a new audience.