Alien/time travel showdown The Tomorrow War lands on Prime Video next month

Procrastinators unite (later)! There’s finally a war specifically for your lazy arses: The Tomorrow War, a new sci-fi action flick about soldiers from the past being sent into future danger to thwart an alien invasion.

Chris Pratt stars as a buff family man sent thirty years into the future to battle an inhuman enemy. “I will be back,” he promises his young daughter, before hovering into an anti-gravitational purple void to kill a race of grey dino-esque beings in the year 2051.

The below trailer shows off a whole lot of ammo and action, but also some traces of good-natured bantery humour—just what you’d expect for a Chris Pratt vehicle. This seems to be an extremely cinematic and large-scale, high-concept blockbuster, making it all the more tantalising that The Tomorrow War is being released exclusively onto Amazon Prime Video from July 2.

Besides our sitcom-comic-relief-turned-rugged-action-hero lead, The Tomorrow War has a cast of recognisable faces—like J.K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Aussie starlet Yvonne Strahovski and my boy Sam Richardson, who I can’t wait to see in the next season of I Think You Should Leave. The Tomorrow War, in fact, strongly resembles the CGI splendour of that show’s ‘The Night Scrooge Saved Christmas’. Friggin’ bonies!!!

Prime Video subscribers can enlist in The Tomorrow War on July 2, when the feature becomes available for all subscribers to watch from the comfort of your very own home.