Review: Zodiac

By JennL
23 May 07

"Slow Moving after fantastic start"

First I'd like to point out that RhondaS is mistaken in claiming this film is 'noir' ... it is by no means a noir film.
I personally hadn't payed much attention to what Zodiac was about apart from a trailer I had seen on TV which I gatherd it was about a serial killer. My date picked the movie, my date regreted it and has informed me I'm to pick the movies in the future.
It started out really good, I was enthralled, really enjoyed the film and the acting, everything went very well together. But then the movie seemed to slow down, painfully so, I spent the last half-hour of it wondering when it would end.
It was however a good movie but by no means a great one, the subject material was interesting but the plot slowed down too much. The acting was fantastic and production was brilliant but didn't save my boredom towards the end.