We're the Millers

We're the Millers


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Down-on-his-luck Jason Sudeikis and two-bit stripper Jennifer Aniston lead this 'family' comedy posing as a wholesome married couple in an attempt to smuggle weed from Mexico to the United States. To sell the ruse, they get an RV and recruit a goody two-shoes (Will Poulter) and a homeless runaway (Emma Roberts) to play their children. Co-stars Ed Helms, Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn. From the writers of Wedding Crashers, Hot Tub Time Machine and She's Out of My League.

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Flicks Review

Jennifer Aniston’s bad girl makeover continues apace with this overlong but fitfully amusing action-comedy. Shedding her Rachel Green image and plenty of outer clothing, Aniston provides the showstopping highlight as she homages Flashdance in an Aerosmith-scored sexy strip (in capri pants and sensible shoes no-less) “clearly essential to the plot” of this edgier, adult version of RV. Adding a bit more heart to her vampy head-turning performance in Horrible Bosses and a bit more tart to her traditionally bland acting, she provides a good foil to Sudeikis’s unconvincing drug dealer (although Hangover’s Ed Helms’ oily Kingpin is the one who truly threatens to steal the show).... More

As well as attempting to assassinate Mexican tourism, the plot also mixes in the modern day comedy tropes of marital bedroom antics, musical obsessions (here it’s bizarrely TLC) and marijuana with moderate results. Slapstick, snark and schmaltz abound as the here seriously deadpan Sudeikis showcases the whip-smart pop culture quipping (both recent and a generation ago) that made him such a Saturday Night Live favourite.

Tonally, Millers is all over the shop, jumping from sweet teen romance, to There's Something About Mary-esque gross out and low-level dramatic intensity within minutes. Fortunately, the next laugh is never too far away.Hide

The Peoples' Reviews

BY Dan-Thompson superstar

Much better than you'd imagine. A lot of real laugh out loud moments.

BY Brendan3 superstar

Lots of laughs and deliver on the trailer as been a XXX rated family road trip gone wrong.
Simple plot assemble one fake family to get oneself out of a drug debt and watch it all go wrong so wrong its so right. Jennifer Aniston's good girl gone bad stripper routine is fanny and sexy at the same time and she is the highlight of the film like in Horrible Bosses she had made the transition from TV comedy to big screen black comedy rather well.

BY CJRedshaw superstar

After being sold by the previews I was happy for viewing at the theatre. Great lead roles that keep the laughs coming. You see the characters and think oh god really but you soon lose yourself and give in to the humour. Great film for enjoying the night and having a few light hearted giggles. Aniston continues in her trend for bad girl appeal since horrible bosses and Sudeikis have great chemistry in their roles.

BY SCshiers lister

Too funny, burst out laughing!

BY Rhys-Rushton superstar

On the whole Meet the Millers is a bit of a laugh. It's a clearly designed slap stick, offensive adventure comedy that modern movie goers are accustomed to. The addition of Anniston although comical was a little odd but only because of the type cast were used to seeing her in.

My 3/5 comes purely from Sudeikis' delivery of some choice obscenities

Worth the big screen ride if you havn't lol'd in a cinema for a while. otherwise you'l be content sniggering at home.

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47% of critics recommend.
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  • ... A comic style that can feel credibly naughty while remaining ultimately safe and affirmative. Full Review

  • While the setups are often laughably forced—two words: “weed baby”—the script navigates its way out of them relatively gracefully, and sometimes hilariously. Full Review

  • [It] falls back on the sort of lazy but desperate, sexually fixated non sequiturs that have become de rigueur in studio comedies. Full Review

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