Trance (2013)

Review: Trance (2013)

10 Apr 13

Good but not enTranced.

Danny Boyle has always seemed to me to be a film maker who has forgot to take his ritalin. Trance is no exception to this. There are some very cool parts of the movie and yes there are moments that you don't expect. One thing he always does though is get you engaged right from the opening shot.
It is very easy to follow, if you manage to stay awake you will get it, if you fall asleep then you might have an issue.
All of the cast are pretty good, Vincent Cassell is perhaps the most memorable. The chemistry in the cast is pretty good. There is a several concerning elements in the narrative and you would hope never to have a hypnotist like the Harley Street Hypnotist portrayed in the film.
In short, Trance is very enjoyable, if a tad violent in parts. Well worth a cheaper Tuesday ticket.