The View from Greenhaven

The View from Greenhaven

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An Australian comedy-drama about a grumpy old man living in an idyllic coastal town who can't see he has the perfect life. More

Dorothy (Wendy Hughes) and Dashiell (Chris Haywood) are retired and living a quiet life in their own little haven, although Dash doesn't realize it. Unlike Dot, who makes the most of everything, Dash is perpetually bad tempered and inconsiderate, disappearing constantly into his own world in his back shed. When daughter Kate (Susan Prior) and her husband Tim (Russell Dykstra) surprise them with tickets for a mystery train tour for their 40th wedding anniversary, Dash pooh-poohs it but Dot's threatens to leave if they don't get on that train.

2008101 minsAustralia
Kenn MacRae ('One Last Shot', 'No Mail')Simon MacRae ('One Last Shot', 'No Mail')
Kenn MacRaeSimon MacRae
Steve BisleyNathan CameronAngie DiazRhonda DoyleRussell Dykstra

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