The Thieves

The Thieves

The Thieves

Korean action-crime caper following a gang of crims banding together to steal a 20 million dollar diamond, but each crook plots to double-cross the rest of the group.

Popie (Jung Jae-Lee) is the muscle and brains; Pepsee (Hye-su Kim) is the safecracker. Yenicall (Giann Jun) climbs walls, Zampano (Soo Hyun Kim) is the strategy man, and Chewingum (Hae-suk Kim) is the master of disguise. The Tear of the Sun, a 318-carat diamond, is locked away in a casino. The vault is impenetrable, the location covered in cops, and everyone knows there's no honour among thieves - especially not the crew Macao, Popie's old partner, has forced their team to work with. It's the score of their lives, if they can pull it off.

2012Rating: MA15+135 minsSouth KoreaKorean, Mandarin and English with English and Chinese subtitles
ActionWorld Cinema

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