The Reluctant Infidel

Review: The Reluctant Infidel

31 Aug 11

Wasted opportunity at a provocative satire

This felt like a satirical comedy which constantly skirted with projecting an important message of identity and religion, without ever really being daring enough to really challenge it's audience and break out into something profound. It was all just so "safe", never a word I would want to hear in cinema or in such a subject in particular. Where as Four Lions provoked and prodded away at such issues in a clever and subversive manner, this felt all too familiar with very mild jokes rarely arousing even a smile, a while Omid Djalili is a captivatingly strong lead, there just isn't enough in the script to really test its boundaries. I kept hoping it would break that ground, but just when it came close, it would withdraw back in the usual pitholes just in case it may cause offense. Felt like a missed chance.